Warhorse Studs

Warhorse Studs


  • Buildings:
  • Arts:

Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 4000
  • +500 to wealth from farms in this province
  • +1 per turn to town growth from commerce within this province
  • Provides food: 1
  • +2 experience for all cavalry recruits
  • Enables the recruitment of cavalry in this province (assuming a cavalry-producing dojo is present)


The warrior should strive to be worthy of his noble steed.

The stud enables the training of mounted hero units, and greatly increases the experience of all units trained in this province. For all their power and grace, horses are surprisingly delicate creatures and need a great deal of expensive care and attention. They also need a great deal of space if they are to be healthy and content. In medieval Japan this second requirement was something of a problem. A warlord who had an impressive stable of horses was not only demonstrating his military power, but he was also showing the world that money was no object to his ambitions. Stables and studs need good land and that, in Japan, has always been at a premium. The man who could afford to turn productive farmland into luxurious accommodation for his horses really was rich, important and going to impress his neighbours.