Famous Temple

Famous Temple


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Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 8000
  • +2 happiness for the Buddhist population
  • +25% bonus to tax rate in this province
  • Spreads Buddhism to neighbouring provinces (+5 religious zeal)
  • Converts the populace to Buddhism (+6 religious zeal)
  • +2 rank(s) for monks recruited in this province
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 monks

Clan Effects

  • Improves the rate at which chi arts are mastered: +15%
  • Each Buddhist chain building enables you to sustain one additional monk (to a maximum of 5)

If you are first to construct

  • +5% to the success chance of monk actions


Legends feed the soul of a people.

This awesome temple increases the happiness of all Buddhists in a province. It also increases the rate at which converts flock to the faith. The monks of this complex are especially blessed and worthy, and demonstrate considerable expertise. The whole is a magnificent act of faith, given solid form. Mount Koya, in Kii province, is home to a monastic complex that even the most vicious of daimyo feared to desecrate. Toyotomi Hideyoshi came close to destroying the temples when the monks chose to support Tokugawa Ieyasu, his great rival, but even he feared the power of the place. When he visited, he was cautious enough to cross the third bridge leading to Kobo Daishi's tomb during the night before his official visit. Legend has it that no man with morals that Kobo Daishi would find unacceptable could cross the bridge and live. Hideyoshi's caution paid off, and he was not struck dead. On the following day, Toyotomi Hideyoshi repeated his crossing, now certain that he would survive in public as well. Perhaps he had reason to worry: the tomb of Akechi Mitsuhide, the usurper who rebelled against Oda Nobunaga, on Mount Koya was struck by lightning, perhaps as a warning to others to live and die in a moral and honourable way!