Imperial Roads and Towers

Imperial Roads and Towers


  • Buildings:
  • Arts:
  • Resources:

Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 3200
  • +5 per turn to town growth from infrastructure within this province
  • +10% to the replenishment rate in this province
  • Movement speed is increased by 60% on imperial roads


Only the last step completes a journey.

Imperial roads and watchtowers significantly improve the movement extent of armies and agents, economic growth in a province and the replenishment of losses in distant units. The post stations monitor all travellers, so that line of sight and the chance of detecting enemy agents are greatly increased. As long as the right paperwork is presented whenever requested, a traveller can make excellent progress along one of these fine roads. The wrong documentation, however, can spell disaster! Tokugawa Ieyasu, the eventual victor of the Sengoku Jidai and Shogun of Japan, created five great land routes through the country, all leading from Edo. These roads were intended primarily to secure his control over the country, as they allowed his armies to move swiftly to confront any troublemakers. Immensely useful as this was to the Tokugawa Shogunate, the roads were also too useful for internal trade and travel not to be used for civilian purposes. Ieyasu's successors built a network of post stations along these roads so that travellers could rest. The roads remained in use until after the Meiji Restoration when, along with many other foreign ideas, railways arrived in Japan.