Fortified Monastery

Fortified Monastery


  • Buildings:
  • Arts:

Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 3500
  • +1 rank(s) for monks recruited in this province
  • +4 experience for all bow warrior monk recruits
  • +4 experience for all naginata warrior monk recruits


To withdraw from the world is not to forget the world.

This province has a site of religious significance. By developing this site, better monks can be produced for use on the battlefield as fanatical warriors. Alternatively, the site can be developed along less martial lines, and be inspirational to all the clan's warriors, increasing their morale on the battlefield. This more contemplative approach also allows monk agents to be trained to a high standard. A shrine is important not because of the building or marker, but because of the spirit it houses. People may need and appreciate the buildings around a shrine, but they do not alter the fundamental sanctity of the place. As long as the kami are respected and honoured, the shrine remains a source of spiritual strength. Today many shrines are revered historical monuments as well as shrines, and some have been listed as World Heritage Sites. Some 103 shrines and buildings in Nikko, in the modern Tochigi prefecture have been given this status; the structures belong to a Buddhist temple and two Shinto shrines.