The Independents

Shimazu Tadayoshi, the daimyo of the Satsuma domain, is heir to 400 (and more) years of continuous lordship. The Shimazu are an old clan, and can claim the Minamoto Shoguns of old as blood relatives. They are also unusual in that they have had contacts with the world outside Japan for centuries; these dealings have been carefully controlled and limited but they have, nonetheless, profited from contacts with the outside. The Shimazu have long claimed tribute from the Ryukyu Kingdom, and have had trade with China for many generations. They are, therefore, a little more open to foreign ideas than many others in Japan and, thanks to their remoteness from the capital, a little more independent than many others. Their loyalties, for the most part, lie with the Emperor and his vision for the future.

Satsuma has two regions at the start of the campaign and, because of its Shimazu history, it is a rich domain with an effective and efficient administration. They also have an advantage when it comes to recruiting foreign veterans as agents.

Clan Traits

  • Administration (+5% reduction to administration costs)
  • Westernisation (-10% to the cost of foreign veteran actions)
  • Leadership (+15% increase to the general's radius of influence)
  • Dominion (Begins with two provinces)