Unit Index

Units are the constituent parts of armies and fleets, with the various types used in combination to achieve victory in battle. Their statistics are modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers.

Genpei_Inf_Sword_Attendants.pngSword Infantry

These units excel in close-quarters melee and are vulnerable to cavalry and bow or matchlock-armed units.


The general gives a big morale boost to nearby friendly troops, but his army will suffer morale penalty if he is killed. Generals are best kept near frontlines to boost nearby troops, but should be protected by other units.

Genpei_Inf_Naginata_Attendants.pngHeavy Infantry

These units are highly versatile as they are excellent in melee and able to withstand cavalry attacks, although they are not as strong in melee as katana infantry or as good against cavalry as yari infantry.

Genpei_Cav_Naginata_Cavalry.pngSpear Cavalry

These units have a deadly charge but are vulnerable in prolonged melee. They are good in combat against other cavalry but generally weak when fighting yari infantry.

Genpei_Cav_Onna_Bushi_Heroine.pngMissile Cavalry

These units are excellent for harassing enemies from a distance but are poor in melee. As they are able to fire and re-position they are difficult to pin down but should always be kept away from concentrated enemy missile units.

Genpei_Inf_Fire_Bomb_Throwers.pngSpecial Infantry

These units perform very specialised tasks on the battlefield and are vulnerable to units who perform broader roles.

Genpei_Inf_Bow_Attendants.pngBow Infantry

These units are fast-firing, long range missile units that are extremely vulnerable to cavalry and weak when in melee. On impact, arrows are more accurate but less damaging overall than matchlock balls.

Genpei_Naval_Inf_Heavy_Ship_Attendant.pngHeavy Ship

Heavy ships are "castles of the sea". Their large crew sizes make them ideal for conducting boarding actions, but they are slow and vulnerable to fire and cannons.

Genpei_Naval_Inf_Medium_Ship_Fire_Bomb.pngMedium Ship

Medium ships are good, all-round vessels with decent crew sizes, speed and manouverability. Their crew size still makes them vulnerable to boarding actions. They are slower than light ships.

Genpei_Naval_Inf_Trade_Ship.pngTrade Ship

Trade ships are weak in combat but provide bountiful profit for a clan.

Genpei_Naval_Inf_Light_Ship_Attendant.pngLight Ship

Light ships are fast-moving with missile-armed crews. Their small crew sizes make them vulnerable to boarding actions.

Genpei_Cav_Onna_Bushi_Heroine.pngMultiplayer Units

All the units available in multiplayer are listed here by recruitment dojo.