Clan Management

Clan Management

Clan Management

The clan's family tree, details of the daimyo's heir and the offices of his commissioners are displayed via the clan management panel - accessed via the dedicated button in the bottom right-hand corner of the campaign map, which always carries the mon of the clan you are playing as.

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Family & Council

The family tree depicts the growth of your clan's ruling family across three generations. The first generation always comprises of the daimyo and his wife, the second his children and the third their children. When a daimyo dies, his chosen heir replaces him; the new daimyo's siblings are removed from the family tree but remain in play if they are generals. Children of the new daimyo's brothers never become generals or daughters and are removed from the game. The third generation of a family cannot become generals or marriageable daughters until the current incumbent daimyo has died. If contact has been made and trade instigated with European visitors it is also possible to change your clan's religion from the dedicated button that will appear in the top left-hand corner of this tab.

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There are commissioner positions that can be allocated to family members and other clan members such as generals. Commissions are divided into two military and two civic positions. The military positions are warfare - the daimyo's chief of staff, who reduces recruitment costs; supply - in charge of equipping and supplying the army in the field, who increases replenishment rate of depleted units. The civic ones are: development - in charge of construction, who reduces construction costs, and finance - in charge of the clan's coffers, who increases the tax rate across your territory. The effects of the commissions are increased depending on the rank of the men holding them, so a four star general makes a more powerful commissioner than one with a single star.

Bestowing Commissions

Giving a commission to a character is easy - simply select his portrait within the family tree or from the list of non-family member generals and press one of the commission buttons on the panel at the bottom of the screen. His loyalty rating will be updated automatically and will take effect from the beginning of the next turn. It is only possible to move a commission between generals or kick one from office once per turn.

Adoption of Generals

All male family members automatically become generals as soon as they come of age. In addition, new generals will be periodically offered for adoption into your clan as individuals distinguish themselves in battle or volunteer to lead your armies.


The summary tab is used to display important information and statistics about the state of our clan, such as bonus effects, clan traits and clan fame levels, the state of diplomacy and your victory conditions, all in one place for ease of reference.


The records tab is used to log important information about events that have occurred and statistics that have been gathered during a campaign.