The Clan Competition

The Clan Competition


The clan competition screen can be found from the avatar conquest map. It is here that online clans from around the globe fight for control of Japan. Joining one of these clans will enable you to take part in this mighty struggle whilst moving your avatar about the conquest map to collect retainers, new units, and unlock additional provinces.

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Game Worlds, Tiers & Seasons

The clan competition is arranged into several tiers – tier one being the top tier. Each tier consists of a number of game worlds each containing twenty-four clans. The system is arranged in a pyramid, where each successive tier contains double the number of game worlds.

The clan competition is divided into seasons. At the end of each season, the clans at the top of a game world are promoted to the next highest tier and the clans at the bottom are demoted to the next lowest tier. A clan's position on the league table within a game world is determined by the number of provinces that clan owns. Where two clans have an equal number of provinces, the clan with most total battle victories will be placed higher on the ladder. Once a new season begins, the game world will refresh. The time remaining in the current season is displayed at the foot of the league table.

You can also view your clan's position within the overall clan competition by using the navigation buttons above the league table.

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Capturing Provinces

To succeed in the clan competition your clan must acquire influence points from the provinces on the map. Each victory recorded whilst playing a match-made battle will award your clan with the clan influence points shown on the tooltip when you mouse over that province. Every one of your clan members contributes to this total number of points from each province. The clan that has the most total clan influence points in any given province owns that province.

If you lose a battle your clan loses 50% of the points that would've been gained for a victory in that province. Clan influence in a province can never fall below zero.

Clan Influence Points

The base number of clan influence points that can be gained for a victory in a match-made battle in a province is twenty. An additional five points can be gained for every adjacent province owned by the same clan. Equipping your clan retainer gives an additional five point bonus. Finally, an extra point will be gained for every clan member you fight alongside in team match-made battles.

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Corruption & Logistics

The more provinces a clan owns, the more difficult it is to conquer and maintain control of new provinces due to corruption and the logistical difficulties of managing and supplying a greater number of provinces. Therefore, every province owned beyond the third will give a 5% reduction in total influence points following a victory. This total penalty will never exceed 95%.

Clan Competition Filters

The clan competition also contains a set of filters to help plot your clan's path to domination. The "clan influence points for victory" filter shows you the total number of clan influence points that the selected clan will gain for winning a battle in a particular province. The "provinces within points of capture or loss" filter allows you to enter a value to display on the map all of the provinces that the selected clan is within that number of points of capturing. Conversely, the same filter allows you to display all of the provinces on the map that the selected clan is on the point of losing.

Clan Leaders & Tokens

Each clan leader has the ability to place a circular clan marker in a province of their choosing. This marker is visible to all clan members, signifying that that province is the focus of the clan's current war effort and that all clan members should fight battles there if they are able.

A clan token will be gained for every victory gained in a match-made battle. They can be used to buy advanced skills for your veteran units and to reset and redeploy the points allocated on your avatar's skill tree.

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Summary of Points System

Methods to Gain/Lose Clan Influence PointsPoints Awarded/Deducted
Victory in a match-made battle+20
Adjacent province bonus+5 per adjacent province
Use of clan specialism retainer+5
Fighting a match-made battle alongside clan mates+1 per clan mate
Losing a match-made battle-50% of the points that would have been gained from victory
Province ownership penalty (corruption and logistics)-5% for each province owned beyond the third
Maximum province ownership penalty-95%