Way of Chi

Way of Chi


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  • +1% bonus to clan-wide tax rate


The wisdom to rule well is given to few men. Those who have it quickly pass into legend, remembered for all eternity. A man must not only learn the way of the warrior but also how to govern in peace. No community can exist in eternal war, and the leader who can survive a peace will always prevail over one who cannot adapt. His clan's fame will increase amongst friend and foe alike.

Many of Japan's greatest military leaders were, of course, bloodthirsty and vicious warriors, and yet they ruled their people with a justice and good sense that transcended their warrior roots. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, for example, instigated a number of political, economic and social reforms, including the introduction of a rigid class system, land surveys and the prohibition of arms to anyone outside the warrior class. Tokugawa Ieyasu, the most famous Shogun in Japanese history, introduced laws to help control the various daimyo. He insisted that they would spend a year in the provinces they had been granted, then the next year in Edo where they could be watched.