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  • +1 morale for all units


The code of bushido is an unbreakable trust between samurai and master, a guide to the ways of war, and a pattern of life to be followed. For any samurai it is simply the only way he can live and retain honour. For a daimyo it is a guarantee that his men can be trusted absolutely to obey orders or die in the attempt. With bushido the morale of units is much improved.

Bushido translates as "way of the warrior"; it is the collective term for the many codes of honour and ideals that dictated the samurai way of life. Bushido was not a list of universal principles, but contained many separate strands of thought, but nearly all concentrated on the relationship between the samurai and his master. Honour, sincerity, obedience to his lord and a willingness to accept death as a duty were the main foundations, but bushido as interpreted by a clan could also include rules about hygiene, or whether a samurai should indulge in dancing and poetry (opinions were split on such pursuits).