United States Marines

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Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 1340
Upkeep Cost 170
Melee Attack 13 37%
Charge Bonus 20 40%
Bonus vs Cavalry 7 23%
Range 125 19%
Accuracy 65 65%
Reloading Skill 60 60%
Ammunition 15 18%
Melee Defence 8 22%
Armour 2 13%
Morale 12 24%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Very good accuracy and reload rate.
  • Good in melee.
  • Very good morale.


  • Kneel Fire - The first rank of this unit will kneel to allow the first two ranks to fire simultaneously.
  • Suppression Fire - This ability increases reload rate but lowers accuracy. Enemy units hit by suppression fire are slowed and suffer a morale penalty.
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  • Buildings:


The US Marines reputation as tough men is well deserved.

The US Marine Corps are excellent soldiers, and pride themselves on being infantrymen first and foremost. Ashore, they fight as line infantry, using disciplined and effective fire to inflict casualties on the enemy. They carry breech-loading rifles, and these allow them to reload quickly; they are nearly all good shots. They are also perfectly capable of closing with an enemy and giving a good account of themselves in a melee. They have an excellent martial spirit, and are unlikely to break and run. The US Marine Corps can claim to be older than the United States, as the Continental Marines, formed in 1775, predate the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Inconveniently, Congress did disband the Marines before re-establishing them as the US Marine Corps in 1798. The Marines ignore such minor matters. By the late 19th Century USMC "leathernecks" (the nickname came from the leather stocks worn to give a military bearing) had seen more action than any US Army troops, and had taken part in expeditions across the world. Their most famous action by this time was probably against the Barbary Pirates, who had decided that US ships were fair game after America broke with Britain. Marines had also been used in Mexico in 1847, and had taken part in the many coastal attacks carried out by the Federal navy during the American Civil War. As a result, the Corps had "institutional experience" in naval, amphibious and infantry warfare. Had the US been asked to commit troops to support either the Shogunate or the Emperor, it would have been Marines who were sent ashore.