Black Tortoise Force

Boshin_Modern_Inf_Black_Tortoise_Force Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 770
Upkeep Cost 100
Melee Attack 4 11%
Charge Bonus 10 20%
Bonus vs Cavalry 5 16%
Range 125 19%
Accuracy 30 30%
Reloading Skill 30 30%
Ammunition 10 12%
Melee Defence 2 5%
Armour 2 13%
Morale 6 12%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Good accuracy and reload rate.
  • Weak in melee.
  • Weak against cavalry.
  • Good morale.


  • Kneel Fire - The first rank of this unit will kneel to allow the first two ranks to fire simultaneously.
  • Suppression Fire - This ability increases reload rate but lowers accuracy. Enemy units hit by suppression fire are slowed and suffer a morale penalty.
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  • Buildings:


The soldiers of the Black Tortoise Force are trained to beat their enemies with firepower, not cold steel.

Black Tortoise troops are armed with modern rifles, and can use them accurately with a reasonably good rate of fire. As with all contemporary rifles, they are large-bore weapons and cause horrendous wounds if they hit a target. These troops should not be thrown into close combat, and, if they are left unsupported, they may well be overwhelmed by a well-timed cavalry attack. However, thanks to the martial traditions of Aizu province, these men have good morale. Despite 200 and more years of peace under the Shogunate, the province of Aizu did have a large standing army. After the arrival of the Americans in 1853, the lords of Aizu continued to maintain a traditional martial approach for the most part, but were also pragmatic enough to modernise to a degree. The unit is named after a Chinese constellation, "Xuanwu" in Chinese and "Genbu" in Japanese, the mythological Black Tortoise of the North, a creature associated, not surprisingly, with the element of water. In Taoist legend, this creature is also called the Black Warrior, and is sometimes depicted as a general rather than a warrior. The legend supposedly has a son of the Emperor going to seek enlightenment before achieving godhood and a place in the northern sky.