Kyoto Police

Boshin_Traditional_MP_Inf_Kyoto_Police Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 700
Upkeep Cost 90
Melee Attack 8 22%
Charge Bonus 8 16%
Bonus vs Cavalry 20 66%
Melee Defence 10 28%
Armour 3 20%
Morale 6 12%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Average in melee.
  • Good charge.
  • Good against cavalry.
  • Weak against missile attacks.
  • Good morale.


The Kyoto police carry long pikes on the battlefield. They can only be recruited within the city of Kyoto.

These men should be seen as a militia, or city watch. While they carry spears on the battlefield, these weapons are not the regular equipment the police would carry through the streets. However, they are dedicated, and excellent on the defensive in close combat, and with an impressive charge. They can, under the proper circumstances, break an enemy line. As might be expected, they are also very useful against attacking cavalry. Because they consider themselves to be defending their homes police have good morale. Modern policing was still developing in the later 19th Century. Police were largely seen as a means of social repression by the ruling classes: they were expected to catch thieves and put down insurrections, but they were not expected to carry out detective work. They were particularly not expected to carry out detective work into the doings of the great and good, especially the wrongdoings of the great and good. While the Kyoto police carrying swords on duty might seem odd to modern eyes, policemen in London could also be issued with swords and pistols on the discretion of their superiors. This was the case even though "the Met" were deliberately not a military or paramilitary force, unlike other European police organisations. In Kyoto the police also had a duty of fire-watching, a constant peril in a city built of wood.