Bow Ronin

Samurai_Inf_Bow_Ronin Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 800
Upkeep Cost 150
Melee Attack 5 14%
Charge Bonus 5 10%
Bonus vs Cavalry 0 0%
Range 150 23%
Accuracy 45 45%
Reloading Skill 50 50%
Ammunition 25 31%
Melee Defence 2 5%
Armour 4 26%
Morale 8 16%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Long range and short reload time.
  • High accuracy and morale.
  • Weak in melee.
  • Vulnerable to cavalry.


  • Flaming Arrows - This unit can fire flaming arrows for a short period of time. Flaming arrows have a greater damage effect and can set fire to flammable objects. Flaming arrows don't function in wet weather.
  • Screens - A shield that can be erected during the deployment phase when you are defending. It impedes the movement of enemies, and blocks enemy projectiles.
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  • Buildings:


These samurai archers are superb shots with an excellent range and the ability to fire an accurate volley of flaming arrows.

Archery has a long history in Japanese warfare and every samurai is expected to have mastered the art. Less skilled warriors can be trained to fire en masse, but it takes dedication and skill to shoot with accuracy, particularly in the heat of battle. Bow samurai can also shoot fearsome flaming missiles. These troops have high morale and are well-trained so can fight in melee if needed. They are vulnerable if attacked by cavalry. In early samurai culture, proficiency with the bow was just as important as with the katana. In the 12th century, battles often started with an archery duel between the two factions, signalled by the firing of special whistling arrows. The Sengoku Jidai saw the bow marginalised as warfare changed. Individual battles of skill were replaced by sheer numbers and mass volleys. Also, the arquebus could be used by ordinary foot soldiers, and the spear could be used in close combat.