Foreign Veteran

Foreign Veteran

In Fall of the Samurai foreign veterans are British, American or French nationals who have entered the country in order to supervise troop recruitment, train, and equip the armies of the Emperor or the Shogunate. Generally apolitical, veterans are only interested in the money that the escalating conflict can bring them, and will work for either side if the price is right, even carrying out sabotage missions if paid to do so. Foreign veterans can be recruited via the foreign quarters of the port building chain. If placed in a friendly town foreign veterans reduce recruitment costs simply by their presence. In addition, they are also able to harass enemy armies, reducing their morale and causing attrition, and can challenge other agents to single combat, which will result in the death or dishonour of the losing party. Foreign veterans are both vulnerable to geisha and unable to act against them.

Recruitment Cost 500


  • Military Port