The Traditionalists

Aizu is ruled by the Matsudaira clan, under their leader Matsudaira Katamori. The domain and its ruling clan can be comfortably counted among the bakufu, the supporters of the Shogun. The Aizu-Matsudaira family owes its position, and even the family name, entirely to its long-standing connections to the Tokugawa, the family of the Shoguns. The Matsudaira also had a clear instruction from the family founder to always support the Shogunate, a wise policy that meant that the family prospered and gained preferment. As a result, by history and by inclination, Aizu is the principal domain of the Shogunate at the start of the Boshin War. It has a proud martial tradition, its troops are well-trained, considered loyal, and are well placed to defend Kyoto, the Shogunate's capital city, against threats from the Choshu and Satsuma domains.

As might be expected of such staunch Shogunate loyalists, the Matsudaira also have a strong traditional streak within their makeup. This has made them sponsors of the shinsengumi movement, the "newly chosen men", former ronin who are also extremely loyal to the Shogunate and the idea of a traditional Japan. This gives the Aizu domain some of its bonuses in the game: shinsengumi agents and units have an experience bonus, and traditional military units are cheaper to recruit.

Clan Traits

  • Defence (-10% to the cost of constructing castles)
  • Discipline (-10% to the cost of shinsengumi actions)
  • Bushido (-10% to the recruitment costs of traditional units)
  • Tradition (+1 to the experience of traditional units)