The Hidden Warriors

The Jozai domain is the fief of the Hayashi Clan, commanded by Hayashi Tadakata. They are another one of the great families that owes their position entirely to the Tokugawa Shogunate, and they have repaid this with unstinting loyalty. Previous, the Hiyashi had been retainers to the Matsudaira, who rule in Aizu. Jozai is not a particularly large domain, nor extremely rich, and the Hayashi clan only just have enough income to style themselves as daimyo; this has made no difference to their loyalty to the Shogunate. In this, as in much else, they are traditionalists at heart and true to the old ways of Japan.

Their lack of wealth has, however, made them think unconventionally about warfare. Lack of money has meant no lack of inventiveness, and the Hayashi clan have become specialists in guerrilla warfare in all its forms. The units they can raise and the bonuses to their agents reflect this in many ways. Open battle is not always the best way to win a war; sometimes it can be more useful to defeat an enemy with his own strength.

Clan Traits

  • Conditioning (+2% to the movement speed of all units)
  • Guerrilla Warfare (+6 to the possible number of yugekitai units)
  • Subversion (+10% to casualties when using sabotage and harassment actions)
  • Resourcefulness (Armies can replenish in enemy territory, winter months excepted)