The Tycoons

Under the leadership of Makino Tadayuki, the Makino clan and the Nagaoka domain are loyal to the Shogun rather than the Emperor. As a family they owe their position to their successes as administrators rather than warriors and claim descent from Takenouchi no Sukune, legendary statesman and advisor to five great Emperors of old. Nagaoka domain benefits from its rulers' love of modern ideas, and links to foreign arms dealers. The domain has better business skills (and economic bonuses); can produce modern-pattern units at lower cost than others; and Nagaoka troops can reload on the battlefield quicker than others' soldiers.

The various branches of the Makino clan eventually did rather well out of the struggles of the Boshin War: the heads of three separate branches of the family, including the ruler of Nagaoka, were all ennobled as "viscounts" during the following Meiji period. Incidentally, the Nagaoka crater, and its smaller satellite craters, on the far side of the Moon are not named after the domain; they commemorate Nagaoka Hantaro, a noted Japanese physicist of the early 20th Century who put forward an early model for an atom's structure in 1904. This was only 50 years after Japan had opened up, and vividly shows the tremendous efforts made by the country to modernise rapidly.

Clan Traits

  • Enterprise (+10% to income from business chain buildings)
  • Entertainment (+5% to the chances of successful geisha actions)
  • Foreign Trade (-15% to the recruitment costs of modern units)
  • Alacrity (+15% to the reloading skill of rifle units)