The Emperor's Fury

The Mori clan, rulers of Choshu, have nurtured resentment against the Shogunate for 250 years, and with what to them seems like good reason. They supported Toyotomi Hideyoshi in his struggle against the Tokugawa clan, but they also agreed with the Tokugawa to keep their forces out of the Battle of Sekigahara and they gave up Osaka Castle without a fight. Their reward for this extremely useful neutrality was not preferment. They were stripped of their possessions, and given the Choshu domain, hardly something that could be counted a prize. As a result, the Mori spent decades in resentment, plotting and near treason. Eventually, they found a cause and rose against the Shogunate when Japan was opened up to foreigners: they were among those wanting to "expel the barbarians" at sword point. Naval bombardments convinced the Mori that getting rid of the barbarians was a good thing, but that using Western, barbarian weapons to do it was going to be useful.

The Mori, then, are supporters of the Emperor because he is not the Shogun, and modernisers so that they can have the best weaponry for their armies. Any ishin shishi agents recruited by them will be of high quality, and their armies are well trained and motivated, with a good charge bonus.

Clan Traits

  • Zeal (-10% to the cost of ishin shishi actions)
  • Marauding (+25% to income from looting)
  • Adaptability (-10% to the costs of modern military buildings and units)
  • Impetus (+3 to the charge bonus of all units)