The Mediators

The Yamauchi clan owe their lordship in Tosa to their support for Oda Nobunaga and then, after that great warlord's death, their support of Tokugawa Ieyasu at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Those families who supported the newly victorious Shogun did rather well in the centuries that followed. The Tosa domain, however, was predominantly loyal to the Emperor's party by the time of the Boshin War: predominantly, but not entirely. Yamauchi Toyoshige urged the Shogun to return authority to the Emperor, avoid open warfare and so prevent Choshu and Satsuma from becoming even more powerful. When this became impossible, Tosa sided with the Emperor's forces.

However, this gives the Yamauchi and their domain some advantages. They are skilled in diplomacy, and have a good deal of naval expertise which is reflected in their ships' experience and in their ability to bombard shore targets.

Clan Traits

  • Tact (+10 to diplomatic relations)
  • Barrage (+2 to naval bombardment range)
  • Respect (+1 reduction to resistance to occupation across all provinces)
  • Seafaring (+2 to experience for all ship crews)