Clan Selection

Clan Selection

Use this screen to select a clan to play as during your grand campaign. As you select a clan mon from the top of the screen notice that their starting provinces are displayed on the map of Japan below, along with a short description of their recent history. A longer description can be read by pressing the button marked "encyclopaedia" or by clicking here. Before you choose a clan, select a campaign game mode via the drop-down box on the right-hand side of the screen, consider their required victory conditions and use the slider to set the overall difficulty of the game. Use the options button in the bottom right-hand corner to enable continuous search for drop-in battle opponents and to adjust battle time limits, level of advisor help and visibility of AI moves.

Legendary Difficulty

On the clan selection screen it is also possible to choose to play on a "legendary" level of difficulty. When selected, legendary difficulty will apply to both campaign map and battlefield play and enables the unique achievement of "Against All Odds". On the campaign map it carries the following restrictions: manual saving will be disabled; auto-saving will occur at the end of each turn and before and after each battle. It will not be possible to reload any save but the last one that occurred. On the battlefield legendary difficulty will carry the following restrictions: the radar map will be minimised - it will not be possible to re-open it; it will not be possible to issue orders or move the camera when the battle is paused - it will only be possible to open the game menu and exit the battle; all enemy unit tooltips will be restricted to the type of unit and number of troops; camera movement will be limited to within 200 metres of any of your units; any enemy units more than 600 metres away will function as if hiding.

Drop-in Battles

A drop-in battle is a feature allowing a human opponent to take the place of the AI clan in a campaign battle or fight a battle in another's campaign in place of the AI. This is achieved via the on-line battle mechanism. If, when setting up your campaign, you check the option to search continuously for drop-in battles, you will occasionally receive an invitation to fight another player in a battle from their campaign. If accepted, your current campaign progress will be saved before you join them on the battlefield. Once the battle is over, the campaign automatically resumes where it was left off. Even if you do not check the option to continuously search, you will be able to find live opponents to fight in place of the AI in your own campaign by checking the drop-in battle box on the battle panel.