Main Menu Options

Main Menu

Use the main menu to select from the following options:

Continue Campaign

Use this option to quickly load the latest saved campaign game. It only appears after you have played and saved a campaign game.


Choose this option to learn the basics of Total War: Shogun 2 by playing the campaign, land battle or naval battle tutorials.

New Campaign

Start your quest by selecting this option. You will be invited to select a clan and begin your campaign.

Load Campaign

Use this option to load an existing saved campaign game from the list.

Historical Battles

Select this option to play against the AI in a recreation of a real-life historical scenario. Click here to see details of the battles that have been included.

Custom Battle

Select this option to build an army and fight a custom battle against the AI. Choose an army for each side and select a map to fight on.

Battle Replays

Battles saved as replays can be viewed here. Simply select your battle's replay file and click on the watch replay button.


Select this option to create an avatar and play against real opponents in multiplayer battles or campaigns.


Click here to access options for adjusting graphics, sound, controls, user interface, and brightness and gamma sliders.


Select this option to access the manual index of this encyclopaedia.


Select this option to quit the game and return to the desktop.