Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a complete list of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used to control the game instead of mouse actions.


Toggle sound effects <Alt+X>

Toggle music <Alt+M>

Select all <Ctrl+A>

Select next <.>

Cancel order <BACKSPACE>

Encyclopaedia <Ctrl+F11>

Standard ping <F5>

Move ping <F6>

Attack ping <F7>

Defend ping <F8>

Select selection group 1 <1>

Select selection group 2 <2>

Select selection group 3 <3>

Select selection group 4 <4>

Create selection group 1 <Ctrl+1>

Create selection group 2 <Ctrl+2>

Create selection group 3 <Ctrl+3>

Create selection group 4 <Ctrl+4>


More forward fast <NUM 8>

Rotate up <V> <+>

Rotate down <C> <->

Camera up <X> <*>

Camera down <Z> <NUM DIVIDE>

Toggle move fast <CAPSLOCK>

Speed up camera <PGUP>

Slow down camera <PGDOWN>

Rotate left <Q> <NUM 4>

Rotate right <E> <NUM 6>

Strafe left <A> <NUM 1>

Move forward <W> <NUM 5>

Move back <S> <NUM 2>

Increase camera rotation speed <Shift+PGUP>

Decrease camera rotation speed <Shift+PGDOWN>

Intelligent zoom <N>

Toggle tracking <DELETE>

Context camera <INSERT>



Show diplomatic relations <K>

Show clan management panel <L>

Show mastery of the arts panel <M>

Show finance panel <N>


End turn <ENTER>

Toggle character movement speed <SPACE>

Disband selection <Ctrl+P>

Quick save <Ctrl+S>

Quick load <Ctrl+L>

Auto-merge units <Ctrl+M>

Zoom to home <HOME>

Toggle chat entry <Y>

Toggle player list <U>

Default camera rotation <END>

Repair building/ship <R>

Select previous <,>


Unit/Group Controls

Withdraw <Ctrl+F5>

Group/ungroup units <G>

Toggle melee mode <F>

Toggle run <R>

Special ability slot 1 <Shift+1>

Special ability slot 2 <Shift+2>

Special ability slot 3 <Shift+3>

Special ability slot 4 <Shift+4>

Special ability slot 5 <Shift+5>

Special ability slot 6 <Shift+6>

Special ability slot 7 <Shift+7>

Toggle boarding <B>

Increase rank <[>

Increase file <]>

Step unit/group backwards </>

Step unit/group forwards <'>

Rotate unit/group left <L>

Rotate unit/group right <;>

Decrease sail <[>

Increase sail <]>

Sail forward <'>

Repair ship <R>

Zoom to unit <END>

Game/UI Controls

Cycle battle speed <Ctrl+T>

Change radar map size <J>

Show deployment images <SPACE>

Toggle ship firing arcs <H>

Toggle radar visibility <O>

Toggle chat entry <Y>

Toggle pause <P>

Toggle player list <U>

Group Formations

Spear Point <Alt+1>

Crane's Wing <Alt+2>

Flying Geese <Alt+3>

Reclining Dragon <Alt+4>

War of the Tiger <Alt+5>

Bark of the Pine Tree <Alt+6>

Cloud Dragon <Alt+7>

Flying Bird <Alt+8>

Select Controls

Select all siege weapons <Ctrl+B>

Select all melee <Ctrl+I>

Select all cavalry <Ctrl+C>

Select all missile <Ctrl+M>

Deselect all <ENTER>

Naval Group Formations

War of the Sword <Alt+1>

Three Day Old Moon <Alt+2>

Bird Cloud <Alt+3>

Extended Snake <Alt+4>

Maintain Unit Formation (allows formation to be moved without changing its width or depth) <Alt Gr+Right-Click Drag>