When you select a castle town, settlement (in Fall of the Samurai) or port a recruitment tab will appear. Select it to see all units available for recruitment or ships that can be constructed there. Right-click on the unit or ship picture to view its description and statistics. Left-click on it to add it to the queue, and again to remove it. The cost of recruitment is displayed in the bottom left, the time required is shown in the bottom right of the picture. Ships and their crew are always recruited directly from a port building. Generals cannot be recruited in the same way as other units, instead they are periodically offered for recruitment through events.

Recruitment in the Field

Units can be recruited directly by a general in the field, although only those troop types available in the province he is currently standing in are displayed - it is not possible to draw in recruits from other provinces. Select the general and then the recruitment tab that appears next to his portrait, then left-click on a unit to add it to the queue and once again to remove it. When ready, units will walk to the appropriate general and merge with his army. Note that units can only walk directly to the general, they are not able to cross the sea to join him.


Following recruitment of a unit or construction of a ship, funds are deducted from your treasury at the beginning of each turn to pay for the supplies and wages of the troops and crew. This is known as upkeep. Notice that your regular upkeep costs are detailed on the finance panel and the financial summary on the events.

Hiring Ronin

When a clan is destroyed there may be a chance to hire master-less samurai, known as ronin. They will fight for any clan who will pay for their services. If ronin are available a dilemma will appear that will require a decision from you.