Selection Groups

Selection Groups


Groups are useful for giving identical orders with a single command. Two or more units can be grouped together by selecting them and clicking on the group button. Their unit cards will be ordered together under a numbered tab. Select the tab to give identical orders to every unit in the group. Dissolve a group by selecting it and pressing the group button again.

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Group Formations

Units or ships that have been formed into groups can be set into fixed formations designed to enable certain types of strategy. Notice the group formation options slide out from the side of the screen when a group is selected.

Selection Groups

A selection group is an easy way to select a unit or group of units by pressing a single key on your keyboard. Create up to ten selection groups by clicking on the unit or group of units in question and pressing G. However, when grouped units will not behave as a group until you have selected and locked their formation. You can do this by clicking on the group formation toggle buttons that appear on the left-hand side of the screen. A group that is locked will then manoeuvre whilst maintaining its formation. This is useful for keeping all units of a specific type under control. Selecting a different unit group moves your camera view to that group.

AI Control of Grouped Units

After grouping units you have the opportunity to give that group over to AI control. In this case they are given a set of basic instructions:

A) Attack this enemy: Click on the enemy army you want the AI-controlled group to attack.

B) Defend this position: AI-controlled group will defend the position it is standing on.

The AI-controlled group will carry out its instructions until completed or you give it another, conflicting order.

NB: If the AI-controlled group destroys its target it will defend its current position until given further orders.

This functionality is accessed through the user interface that slides out of the right-hand side of the screen.