Unit Attributes

Attributes are the innate, "passive" abilities that units can use. As such, they do not generally have to be activated, although they may bestow an ability that can be activated:


Units that have the stalk attribute can walk whilst hidden on any terrain.


Units that have the snipe attribute can fire whilst hidden.

Hide (Woodland)

Units that have the hide (woodland) attribute can hide in woods and forests.

Hide (Scrub)

Units that have the hide (scrub) attribute can hide in scrubland and deep vegetation.

Hide (Long Grass)

Some units can hide in long grass only.

Immune to Attrition

Units with this attribute will not suffer from attrition on the campaign map. This tends to be reserved for highly-disciplined elite units.


A disciplined unit has high morale that cannot easily be shaken.


Some units can boost the morale of other units positioned close to them.

Resistant to Fatigue

A unit that is resistant to fatigue will take longer to tire battle.

Climb Fast

Units that have this attribute can use climbing claws to scale walls quickly.



Some cavalry units can dismount and remount during battle. If their horses subsequently take casualties they will all run from the field.