Veteran Skill Upgrades

Veteran Skill Upgrades

Veteran Skill Upgrades

As veteran units gain levels, they receive skills points which can be spent on new skills to improve their battle capabilities. Clicking on the veteran upgrade button will open the unit's upgrade panel where skills can be selected. If this button is flashing, it means that the selected veteran has a skill point available to spend.

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Basic Skill Upgrades

The unit skill upgrades panel features skills that can be learned at any level. These skills can be learned in any order and most have several levels, each more powerful than the last.

Clan Skill Upgrades

The clan skill upgrades panel features skills which require clan tokens to learn. Tooltips on each of these skills detail how many clan tokens are needed to learn them. Clan skills can only be learned by veteran units of level 5 or above, and only once four of the basic skills have been learned.

Clan Specialism Skills

For many units, the clan skill upgrades panel also includes several clan specialism skills which not only cost more clan tokens to learn, but also require your avatar to be a member of a clan specialising in that unit type. Clan specialisms are sword, bow, spear and cavalry. Joining a clan with a different specialism will result in the cancellation of any elite skills and the skill point being refunded, though any clan tokens spent will not be refunded.