The Avatar Conquest Map

The Avatar Conquest Map


This is the avatar conquest map. From here you can explore the whole of Japan and find online opponents to fight against. As you play multiplayer battles you will gradually explore the provinces on this map. Every time you win a land or siege battle, you will unlock all of the rewards from the province that contains the army marker. You will also unlock a province whenever your avatar gains a skill point. Every time you win a naval battle, you will unlock the extra movement options from the sea region that contains the fleet marker. If you are a member of a clan, victory in any land or naval battle will also contribute to your clan's influence over that province in the clan competition. Before you fight either type of battle, make sure that you move the army and/or navy marker to the province you wish to explore. You can place the markers on any province adjacent to one that you already own.

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Province Rewards

The tooltips over each province indicate the reward you will gain by successfully exploring that province. At the beginning of your journey you will have a limited variety of troops that you can take into battle. As you explore provinces that contain the various dojos (buildings), you will be able to recruit a broader range of troops. The army & fleet management screen will show the full unit roster and demonstrate how many of each type of dojo you need to explore in order to unlock the various units. Provinces that don't contain dojos will unlock a retainer. The buttons at the top of the screen allow you to navigate through the rest of the avatar system. You can view details about your avatar and his skill upgrades, retainers, veterans, the leaderboards and much more by clicking on these buttons.

Fighting Battles

You can press the match-made battle button or the battle list button at any time to find an online opponent to fight a battle against. The match-made battle option will find an opponent of similar skill level to you. If you wish a battle to contribute to the leaderboards or clan competition, you must enter it via this button. The battle list button is for hosting battles or joining battles hosted by other people. Battles fought from here will not contribute to the leaderboards or clan competition.