Onna Bushi Heroine

Genpei_Cav_Onna_Bushi_Heroine Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 800
Upkeep Cost 200
Melee Attack 18 51%
Charge Bonus 20 40%
Bonus vs Cavalry 12 40%
Range 150 23%
Accuracy 45 45%
Reloading Skill 50 50%
Ammunition 25 31%
Melee Defence 4 11%
Armour 4 26%
Morale 20 40%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Good with bow.
  • Excellent in melee.
  • Excellent against cavalry.
  • Very small unit size.
  • Vulnerable to naginata-armed infantry and massed archers.


These female warriors are powerful and deadly experts in ranged and close combat.

Armed with both deadly naginatas and bows, this small unit of elite ladies have skills to rival, or exceed, those of any man. Mounted on fine horses, they can move quickly to key areas on the battlefield, and can terrify enemy infantry with their impressive charges. As well as being fearsome in melee, this unit of heroines can also act as missile cavalry. A wise commander is careful to keep them out of range of massed archers and away from naginata-armed infantry. The early Emperors of Japan, and their exploits, are clouded in myth and legend. It is often difficult to separate fact from fiction. This is particularly true of the Empress Jingu, who ruled Japan from in the 3rd Century AD. Following her husband's death, she carried out his planned invasion of Korea, because a kami had told her that she would be protected whilst on the expedition. This was particularly fortuitous as she was pregnant at the time. After realising that the birth was imminent she prayed that her child would not be born until her return to Japan. After a successful campaign she returned home and gave birth to a son who would eventually be seen as Hachiman, the great kami of war.