Bow Attendants

Genpei_Inf_Bow_Attendants Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 550
Upkeep Cost 100
Melee Attack 3 8%
Charge Bonus 5 10%
Bonus vs Cavalry 0 0%
Range 150 23%
Accuracy 30 30%
Reloading Skill 40 40%
Ammunition 25 31%
Melee Defence 2 5%
Armour 3 20%
Morale 5 10%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Average accuracy and reload rate.
  • Good morale.
  • Weak in melee.
  • Vulnerable to cavalry.
  • Weak against samurai infantry.


  • Flaming Arrows - This unit can fire flaming arrows for a short period of time. Flaming arrows have a greater damage effect and can set fire to flammable objects. Flaming arrows don't function in wet weather.
  • Screens - A shield that can be erected during the deployment phase when you are defending. It impedes the movement of enemies, and blocks enemy projectiles.
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  • Buildings:


These archers are average shots with a good range, providing deadly support for close combat troops.

While almost any man can be trained to shoot a bow well enough to fire in the general direction of the enemy, skill and dedication are needed to shoot accurately and well in the heat of battle. Bow attendants have good morale and are trained well enough for close combat should the need arise. Like many bowmen, however, they are vulnerable if attacked by cavalry. Archery has a long history in Japanese warfare and every samurai was expected to master the art. The bow plays a key role in several Japanese myths. Tamamo no Mae, the beautiful courtesan who stole the heart of the Emperor Konoe, was killed by an arrow fired by Miura no Suke, a mighty warrior. Although Tamamo no Mae was a most beautiful and intelligent woman, she was a kitsune, a nine-tailed fox, working for an evil rival to the Emperor. When her secret was revealed she fled, and Miura no Suke gave chase. Aware that her doom was close, Tamamo no Mae appeared to Miura no Suke in a dream and begged for her life. He refused and fired the fatal arrow the very next day. Tamamo no Mae's fox body turned into the Sessho Seki, the Killing Stone, which legend says kills any who come into contact with it. The stone was haunted by the fox spirit who chose to take the name Hoji, until she was convinced to leave, or exorcised, by Genno, a Buddhist monk.