Fire Bomb Throwers

Genpei_Inf_Fire_Bomb_Throwers Image

Basic Unit Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

Recruitment Cost 500
Upkeep Cost 150
Melee Attack 2 5%
Charge Bonus 2 4%
Bonus vs Cavalry 0 0%
Range 50 7%
Accuracy 30 30%
Reloading Skill 15 15%
Ammunition 10 12%
Melee Defence 1 2%
Armour 1 6%
Morale 4 8%

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Short range but high damage bombs.
  • Small unit size.
  • Very weak in melee.
  • Vulnerable to archers and cavalry.


  • Buildings:


It takes a very brave man to swing a bomb around his head on a rope!

Fire bombs are made from earthenware horoku pots filled with gunpowder. After the fuse is lit, the thrower swings the bomb around his head by the attached rope and then releases it, hopefully hurling it into the enemy ranks. The resulting blast can be terrible as the pot shatters into razor-sharp shards, and it has a terrifying morale effect too. These fire bombs can also be used against enemy walls. Fire bomb throwers are not close-combat experts, and need protecting from the enemy. They do not have the numerical strength to survive for long in a melee. In reality gunpowder was not introduced into Japan until the Mongol invasion of 1274. However, the Chinese were known to be using gunpowder weapons as early as 904AD. Chinese alchemists had spent years trying to discover an elixir that would allow their Emperors to live forever. This quest failed, but one alchemist did create a mixture of 5 parts saltpetre, 15 parts charcoal and 10 parts sulphur that burned violently in the open air, and explosively when confined. Gunpowder would change the face of warfare for generations to come, but quite why anyone would think such a hellish mixture would be an immortality potion is hard to explain!