Bow Master Dojo

Bow Master Dojo


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Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 4000
  • -1 to bow samurai recruitment times in this province


Strength is not enough: there must be form as well.

All archers trained at a master dojo have a high level of expertise thanks to their superb teachers. A true master is always willing to share his understanding with his pupils, as their skills add to his honour and reputation. When men learn from the best, they cannot help but reach levels of skill that they might have thought impossible. The bow, or yumi, required a great deal of care if it was to work properly and reliably on the battlefield. Indeed, a yumi was considered to have part of its maker within it, and was therefore worthy of respect. Ideally, according to the masters, a bowman should treat his bow with the same kind of care as he would treat himself: it should not be left in the cold, or wet, or excessive heat. A lack of care weakened and warped the weapon, thanks mostly to its composite construction from many different materials. The different elements needed to work in harmony, not against each other. A bow was also under tremendous tension when in use; unstrung, it would actually curve the other way! It was not considered a bad thing to leave a bow relaxed in such a fashion, but it was extremely bad form to use or even touch another man's bow without his permission.