Legendary Kyudo School

Legendary Kyudo School


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Basic Building Statistics (can be modified by difficulty level, arts, skills, traits and retainers)

  • Cost: 8000
  • +2 to accuracy for all units recruited in this province
  • -1 to bow samurai recruitment times in this province

If you are first to construct

  • +10% accuracy for all bow units


The shot should honour the target with its sincerity.

A master will always train the finest students to a pitch little short of perfection. Here, kyudo, the art of the bow, has been brought to a point where the seemingly impossible is attainable. This famous school allows the training and recruitment of elite archer units, including hero units. Japanese history often shades into legend where feats of arms are concerned. The famous archer Minamoto Tametomo is credited with sinking a ship using a single arrow, and it was reputed that his bow arm was significantly longer than the other as a result of his constant practice. Unfortunately, he came to a tragic end: he was trapped and captured by the Taira clan, who cut the tendons in his arm so that he could no longer hold a bow. Unable to fight on, or ever use his beloved bow again, Tametomo committed suicide. Some think that his death may be the first recorded example of suicide by seppuku.