Generals & Armies

Generals & Armies


Generals are used to command armies and fleets in battle. Their command rating influences the effectiveness with which their army or fleet fights. When a force does not have a general one of the other units is assigned as the command unit. The command unit does not become a general's bodyguard, its unit type stays the same. In these cases the army fights with a severe disadvantage, as there is no-one to rally or inspire the troops, although the command unit does provide a small morale bonus. A successful battle fought without a general may result in the commander being offered for promotion to general. A general's loyalty to his daimyo, if low, can lead him to defect to an enemy clan. The daimyo is also a general, although in his case personal honour replaces loyalty. The daimyo's sons all become generals when they come of age. Generals can be assigned useful skills and retainers as they gain experience in battle and increase in rank. They can also be assigned commissions to convey additional bonuses.


On the campaign map a general's rank - represented by the stars at the top of his character details panel - in combination with other command bonuses inferred by skills, retainers or traits, enhance his ability to withstand hostile agent actions and his command ability when auto-resolving battles. If the general is also a commissioner the effects of his commission increase in line with his command ability. On the battlefield the general uses his rank to further boost the morale of his men, so the more stars the general has, the higher the morale of his army.

Movement of Armies

Left-click to select an army and then right-click to move it to any part of the highlighted area - this is the extent of its movement capability during a single turn.

Click here to view a video tutorial about this subject.

Blocking Movement

Positioning an army in front of a bridge, in a narrow mountain pass - anywhere that movement is restricted - enables that army to block other armies or agents from using that route.